Why Do People Still Judge Women For What They Wear?

Posted by Akanksha Roy
April 14, 2018

Almost everyone has an opinion on a woman’s appearance. They judge the woman’s skirt, the tightness of her cleavage, the height of her heels to the colour of her lipstick.

We as a society have a tendency to jump to quick and very vocal judgment in the name of propriety.

If any woman wears a short dress, the first statement which came to hear is, “Look at that girl wearing the short dress. What an attention seeker she is.”

Being a woman, I have faced these judgments and hence would like to add few points from my understanding.

A popular saying goes in English – Do not judge the book by its cover. I say do not judge a woman by the dress she wears.

It’s important for a woman to feel good in her clothes. Clothes are just something you put on to cover yourself.

The character of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries.

But nowadays, our society judges a woman’s character by her clothes. According to them, girls should not wear ‘provocative’ clothes.

“Good Indian girls cover up.”

“Tight clothes and jeans cause rape.”

The mentality of our so-called society is that because of these short clothes girls are being raped!

This is the most hilarious statement I have come across. Men have raped women from all ages, right from a three-year-old baby girl to a seventy-year-old woman have been seen wearing frocks and sarees.

I just want to end this up with a personal liking. I feel comfortable in whatever I wear. We have full rights to express ourselves, to express our body. No one has the right to judge us.

So it’s my humble request to all those narrow minded people, stop judging any woman by her clothes. Women have full right to wear what they want to be wear. And women feel uncomfortable only due to your judgment.