What Modern India Should Do To Realise Babasaheb’s Dream

Posted by Hemin champaneri
April 17, 2018

Recently the 127th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar, the father of the Constitution of India, was celebrated with great jubilation everywhere across the country. On that day, politicians and citizens paid tribute to him, but the question arises that do they really believe in his ideas of progressiveness or are they just celebrating it for publicity? Have we built an India of his dreams? And many more such questions.

The simplest answer to those questions is a blunt way is that today the ideas and dreams of Babasaheb are openly being rapped by many orthodox Indians. There’s also an attempt of imposing the old practice of slavery in locals in modern India. The present and the future of India is the exact opposite of what Babasaheb had dreamt of.

His dreams of equality, peace and progressiveness for the people has been hijacked by traditionalists and by everyone else who identify as conservatives and the vicious motives that comes with that ideology. Change and renovation is considered a sin within this society. We got freedom from the British Raj but not from our rituals. The activity of criticising subjects has been greatly diluted in modern India. Today what those in power say should be considered the ‘truth’ and to speak against them or represent your views is considered to be “anti-national”.

In the rest of the world, preference is given to logic and facts, but in India, we prefer myths. The most recent example being union minister Satyapal Singh’s comment that Darwin’s theory of evolution was wrong.

From the above example, one can figure out why young Indians prefer foreign lands over India because we’re moving away from finding solutions and peace and moving towards myths and riots.

In simple words, Indians are not walking on the path of glory and progress but becoming more backwards. There’s a lot of hatred doing the rounds these days which is not acceptable by many Indians.

I believe that Babasaheb was wrong in giving fundamental rights to every citizen of India because a lot of Indians needed to be given to them their social rights first before getting fundamental rights was possible. The reason why I said that is simple, we are still socially locked within issues of caste, class, religion, etc. which needed to be reformed first and then we could’ve easily achieved fundamental rights.

Right now, what is happening is that only a few from the elite and literate section of the society is aware of their rights, and they are not allowing it to be touched by those from the backward sections of the society. So, instead of reforms in the Parliament, we really need a revolution among the citizenry, so that the rights given is not enjoyed by select people but by the whole nation.

Once every citizen has their rights, then its misuse will stop. It will only be possible then for every citizen to enjoy their fundamental rights.

With little concern and little greed, we need to grow as a country with a unique identity. We must help guide those misguided and try and contribute to our future communities in a big way.

What we really want is to put forth ideas of Babasaheb, and we need more progressive people in the times that we live in. We really need to kick all obstacles that are preventing us from achieving social freedom.