My Mother Needs Surgeries, And Crowd Funding Is Our Last Hope

Posted by Dilshad Azim in Health and Life, Society
April 25, 2018

My mom, aged 48, has been diagnosed with multiple artery blockages in her heart and kidneys (a three-vessel heart disease with multiple blockages and two renal artery blockages in her kidneys). She suffered two heart attacks in February 2018, but due to financial problems, she was admitted only after two days of her heart attack in the coronary care unit (CCU) of Patna Heart Hospital. Then, she was moved to the general ward after 6-7 days of treatment.

Then the doctors told us that she had suffered from two major heart attacks, but due to the delay in the primary post-heart attack treatment, some parts of her heart were damaged. Apparently, the damage was so severe that it could not be reversed. They told us that she wouldn’t recover from this and she would have to live the rest of her life with a partially-damaged heart. She was discharged from that hospital after 15 days of treatment.

But after 25 days, she started experiencing a very disturbing chest pain along with other medical complications. Again, she was admitted to the same hospital in Patna for five days. After that, we moved her to Kolkata in hopes of her getting better treatment – but there too, she didn’t get any satisfactory treatment.

Then, we moved her to Bengaluru on April 2, 2018. When we came to Bangalore, we first approached the Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, Whitefield, for free heart treatment. However, after 5-6 days of diagnosis and free treatment, they referred my mom to St. John’s Hospital (a private hospital, run by a Christian missionary trust) due to other major health complication like anemia, kidney and liver problems, diabetes, and lungs-related problems (in addition to the heart disease).

Now, at this hospital, the doctors really got our hopes up after 12 days of treatment. They found out the major problems my mother has, currently. The best thing is that all of the major complications can be resolved through surgeries and angioplasty. They told us that since she had multiple artery blockages in all of the three heart arteries, a coronary artery bypass surgery was required. Since she also had blockages in both of her renal arteries, angioplasty was needed. The estimated overall cost of surgery and angioplasty would be around ₹6-7 lakhs (including the costs of the pre-operative tests, the post-operative follow-up tests, and the medication after the surgery).

Now, I am in need of financial support. It hasn’t been long since I finished my education a year ago (I am still looking for a stable job), and my family has expended whatever little savings we had. We have also incurred a debt of around ₹3 lakhs, due to the money taken from relatives and friends for the treatments at Patna and Bengaluru. I am financially broke and need help to pay for the treatment.

Currently, my family is in Bengaluru and they are still hopeful. Because of the lack of funds, my mom was discharged from St. John’s Hospital after 12 days. However, as soon as we deposit the money, the doctors will start the surgical and angioplasty procedures. According to them, my mom has to go through all these procedures as soon as possible – latest within 3-4 weeks.

Kindly help my mom by donating via KettoOr you can directly donate via bank transfer or Paytm. It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

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