Whom to blame?

Posted by JYothi KOka
April 16, 2018

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I am shaking right now writing this, there are many Nirbhaya cases that are happening in our country but only few like Kathua and unnao had today came in limelight and every individual is worrying about , just saw in news our minister saying the convicted needs to be hanged, but is this fine ? What happened to the assurances given after the Nirbhaya’s case? At that time people were outraged and questioned government and later that ,Sir,Madam we have seen many cases till today , where is the safety? Beti Bachao Beti Padhao? Is this for real ??? I see different parties going for a fasting and saying it is for democracy, this is the condition of the children and women in our country and you are fasting for democracy, where is the safety first? The accused out there protesting for justice holding our Indian flags and we are allowing them in doing so , is this really my country which I was told by my teachers and many it was ? Is it a sin committed by Asifa an 8 year old girl’s parents for giving berth to her ? She was raped multiple times and strangled till death by the bastards only just because of their political issues and many evidences were wiped out with the help of their local police , and in other case the victim’s father was beaten to death by police for asking the justice for her daughter,where are we standing here , where is the government here and why is it letting this happen ? And mainly is this only the government whom we have to blame on? Just think once about yourself and your family , Let’s just take an example of a Hindu festival, Rakshabandhan, here the sisters will tie Rakhi to their brothers in a hope of they will be protected by their brothers and this is what we told it is , but really? This is just one example where we say the girls are dependent on men , but y is not vice versa? Y can’t we say they have to protect each other in every way ? Here the example of patriarchy which starts in our family itself , so question once to ourselves do only the government need to be change or ourselves too

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