I Used To Think Reservations Were Unfair To The General Category. Not Anymore

Posted by Salil Gaurav in Caste, Society
April 5, 2018

Some time ago, I used to believe that the reservation system was unfair to those belonging to the general category. I thought that it was dividing India and killing many dreams.

But now, my views aren’t the same. I started appreciating the reservation system, though I would also like a few amendments to it. But overall, I advocate in favour of the reservation system and I think it is required in our current society.

It’s been 70 years since we became a free democratic country. It is really shameful that in many parts of our country, especially in rural India, upper caste people still practise discrimination against those from lower castes. I agree that people are changing their mindsets and breaking their old inhumane belief systems – and now, people have started educating themselves about the lessons of humanity and equality. But this issue is still very much visible in our society, and we should not forget Gandhiji’s words that the real India still lives in its villages.

The conditions of a majority of the Dalits are still poor. I agree that some developments have occurred in their lifestyles – but overall, a huge population of Dalits are unemployed and lack access to education. Some of them live in such terrible conditions that they cannot even buy a pen.

Till a few months ago, I used to believe that reservation should be given to those who do not have enough money and are financially very weak. But nowadays, I advocate reservations for those who face discrimination from society. How can a human being hate another human being just because they belong to a different caste? This was really disturbing and depressing for me. And I think the reservation system can be helpful in removing this disease. By uplifting the downtrodden, we are creating a social change – a change which is necessary for India, though this system may still have a few cons.

Just visit some Dalit societies of your city/village and see the ground reality with your own eyes. Just visit a private school which has all kinds of facilities, and then see how many Dalit students are enrolled there.

I know that there are some rich, educated Dalits in our country – but trust me, their numbers are very low as compared to the numbers of the upper caste people. I also agree that there are some very poor upper caste people too in our country, but their numbers are very low as compared to that of the Dalits.

Why is the maid who cleans my plate not from an upper caste? Why is the worker of the Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation who cleans my drain not from an upper caste? I am not saying that upper caste people don’t practise these professions, but I am sure that their numbers are comparatively very low.

Lastly, I also want to express my strong anger towards our politicians who are trying to divide our country. I am aware of those politicians who are playing vote bank politics in the name of reservation and caste. These days, politicians are using this system for filling the seats in the Parliament – and this really disappoints me.

Before removing the reservation system, let’s first fight casteism which is a reality in our society.

And I can easily understand the pain of a hardworking, intelligent kid who belongs to the general category. I know it feels really depressing after seeing the huge gap in the cut-off list. We can’t do anything about this – for now, let’s face the challenge and fight and struggle. Not all doors are closed for us.

I would be the first person to demand an end to the reservation system if we will kill the disease of casteism in our society first.