Exploring New Places And People Lets Me Enjoy The Festival Of Life

Posted by Soumi Roy in Specials, Travel
May 4, 2018

Travelling and exploring new places and people can often leave you speechless and turn you into a storyteller. Yes, it’s my passion. I discovered it quite late, but I had this bug (of travelling and exploring) inside me since my childhood. It’s just that I never got the right opportunity.

Nowadays, I try to throw myself into the vast land of exploration – leaving behind my old self and rediscovering a new me. It has a magical healing power. Yes, I would tag myself as an adventurer and would like to spend my life as a wanderer. I have embarked on a new journey, and it is going to be thrilling.

Life is a festival if you know how to taste and enjoy it. You do not require calendar festivals to enjoy it, as every second can be a new opportunity to add your festivity. I travel not to escape from life but to ensure that my life does not escape me. It creates a wide network where ideas converge, souls meet and exchange inspiring stories. I have an intense desire to be free which, for me, only comes through travelling. I love to attune myself to the rhythm and melodies of various places – and only a keen ear, eye and heart can feel this.

Travelling provides me with a beaucoup of unheard stories and ways to love my life with whatever I possess. Meeting people makes me feel alive as they share their desire, passion and interest in the world. I am that kind of a person who cannot be at home for too long and aches to be out in the world. Sometimes, you do not know where to go or where you want to be, but you still know it’s out there somewhere. Its like a magnet which pulls you and cannot wait to meet you.

What inspires you the most? For me, its the awe-inspiring journeys, the people and their stories. To be lost completely, somewhere out there, has turned into my passion. What’s your passion in life? Let these questions arise in your mind to keep the passion alive within you.


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