Meet This Inspiring Lady From Banda Village Supporting Her Family Against All Odds

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May 17, 2018

Seema’s husband was a labourer who met with an accident a while back which has left him with life-long disability. Now, she is the sole bread-winner of her family to care for him while ensuring a proper life for their one-year-old child.

Seema is skilled and can sew clothes, she wishes to use these skills to support her family but amidst difficulties in fulfilling basic necessities such as clean water further adds to her sense of helplessness.

“I have an infant and a handicapped husband to take care of, household chores to be done, meals to cook and also earn a livelihood for the family. I really cannot afford to spend four hours of my day in fetching water. But I do.”

To access clean water, she walks miles and for hours daily. Walking daily in the sweltering heat leads to frequent headaches and body aches as well as other health problems. It is physically exhausting to walk so much with heavy water buckets over her head.

Torn between how to divide time between her various responsibilities, she does not want her daughter to suffer the same fate as she did. She was forced to drop out of school at the age of 13 as time spent in fetching water did not leave her with time to study. But, she wants her daughter to grow up to be a well-educated woman.

There is not much Seema can do to ensure her family’s well being until her village has access to clean water, till then her days are spent walking between her house and the river bank. You can help Seema in ensuring a better future for her daughter.