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Open letter to Union Minister Satyapal Singh , Ministry of HRD (Higher Education )

Posted by Shubham Raj Singh
May 27, 2018

Dear Satyapal Singh,

Union Minster Huma,  Indipendent in -charge , NDA

Before you  take  a conservative  turn and turn education into  a religious  place have you ever knew  what was actual Indian culture  in reality .  Well , here are some of my perspectives of Indian culture .

1. Nobody  was seen as an invader  in ancient times  , people  came  here  and seeing beauty  of country  , and  that  this  country’s welcoming  nature , foreigners settled  here.

2. Women enjoyed  absolute  freedom before haphazard Brahmin dominance in 2nd Century BC , from dressing to choosing  their  life  partners , and there was no patriarchy  before  2nd Century  BC .

3. Indus Valley Civilisation  2600 BC -1900 BC our  civilisation  that was contemporary with Mesopotamian civilisation  that was  more developed  and planned  than  today’s  industrial  homes.

4. Religion  in the Indus  Valley  was polytheist but religion  did not  play  a role in moral authority  of people,  it was  after  Brahminisation  of religion that   religions  came with predetermined    conducts .

5. Religion  was a matter  of faith back to 5000 years  and not a matter  of hierarchy  , and  everyone  had  a direct  connection with God , so do not  teach people  what  is religion  , they can protect  it and profess it  on their own.

6.Culture  was diverse before  artificial social authority perverted  the   Indian  culture  , and it is still  still very  diverse  and accomodative.

So, my personal request as a  young citizen is please  don’t show your  artificial oppressive side of culture  with the new changes in education system  you are about  to  bring .