Shortest BJP Govt Came To A Close Just After Three Days

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May 22, 2018

The shortest BJP government in Karnataka came to power for three days and then BS Yeddyurappa resigned from the position of chief minister. Now, a blame game has started with this development. What the BJP visualised at the time of forming government appeared to have failed within a span of days.

Rahul Gandhi was being considered as the real villain by the single largest party in the state. The situation made the Bharatiya Janata Party miserable in the midst of paucity of the required strength in the assembly.

When the chance for bringing the MLAs’ tally to the total of 111 legislatures appeared dismal, the chief minister BS Yeddyurappa thought it was saner to tender his resignation. It appeared as though he woke up from a relaxed nap in the morning, rolled over and was surprised to see he was no more the Chief Minister.

Seconds later, he found himself delivering a very emotional speech, appearing as if he had lost everything at that very moment. He looked heartbroken that he was deprived of the august seat he held hours ago.

Panic gripped his overconfident and zealous political party and statements against Congress-JD(S) alliance started pouring, proving their state of sheer shock. The post-election alliance inspired confidence among the two party leaders. Together, these parties had grabbed the good prospect to stay together politically.

As for Yedurappa, although he seized an opportunity to hold the post of chief ministership for the second time, yet he remained unsuccessful in continuing at the post for a substantial duration of time.

This was also considered to be his bad luck. His departure was painful and disorienting for his followers and party. Along with this, the political indications which emerged from his resignation were no doubt disturbingly clear.

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