Determined To Save Her Child’s Life, This Mother Invented A Glove To Predict Seizures

Her young son’s severe epilepsy had left Rajlakshmi Borthakur devastated. His seizures would come suddenly without warning. Living in constant fear, she never knew when the next seizure would strike. And neither did the doctors.

Determined to save her child’s life, Rajlakshmi channeled her inner researcher and innovator. She researched epilepsy obsessively for more than three years and came up with a simple wearable device – a smart glove, that could predict epileptic seizures before they happen. The sensors inside the glove get vital stats from the body and send these to the inbuilt processor. The processor works on the data immediately and sends it wirelessly to patients and caregivers anywhere, thus alerting them to a possible episode of seizure that may prove fatal.

Rajlakshmi’s simple-yet-ingenious solution to her son’s life-threatening condition has the potential of saving millions of others suffering from seizures.

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