A Tribute To The Indian Army

Posted by Mridul Sharma in Specials
June 22, 2018

In today’s world, the most important people are the ones who produce food and safety.- farmers and soldiers.

I would like to pay a tribute to our Indian soldiers with a poem.

The Indian Army

As strong as the wind is my team
As holy as the Bible is my deed
As clear as a crystal is my vision.
And serving the nation is my mission.

I am adapted to living away from my family
I am adapted to fighting for you clammily
I am adapted to abide all the pain
But not to see go down you in vain.

All the bullets won’t bother me
Unless I fail to serve you properly
You all are my first priority
And you will be protected by my authority

Who says a soldier’s life is easy
Who says a soldier’s life is fun
If you wanna know, come
join the army

With a soul full of perk
and get ready to become perky
In the wilds in the deserts
In the harsh weather, you will have to fight.

No complaints, no commitments
Just celebrating life with guns.

It’s a tough job though
And what’s tougher than dying
But what’s better than dying for the nation

Remember the next time that you are driving by
And see the flag flying proud and high
That somewhere out there a soldier stands
Weary and cold in a foreign land.
Protecting our country from our foes
Standing tall and proud come rain or snow.