If Imports Make Goods Cheaper Then Why Does Our Govt. Tax Them So Much?

Posted by Raj Iyre-Chatterjee in Business and Economy
June 22, 2018

We (not I) as a people, like selling stuff to people. In fact, we want the whole world to purchase our items and that should always be more than what we buy from others. Does it mean we’re somewhat better at this economy thing? With such egotistic, feelings-driven ideals driving economic policy, the kind of damage we are doing to the economy is something that most cannot even fathom, let alone understand. For, in fact, it is imports that give any and every nation in this world most of its wealth.

It’s very simple really. Think of why every rich nation in the world that has some degree of happiness among its people always have low tariffs on imports. A tariff is a tax, a tax for purchasing goods from foreigners. A tax you will pay. Two important things here – being able to purchase what we like from foreigners is a birthright, a God-endowed right and it is government respect for this natural right and freedom that makes people happier. Furthermore, don’t you get cheaper goods, greater choices, superior technology and just the best product you can avail?

If imports make goods cheaper, more awesome and a whole lot nicer, then why do we oppose it? Think! You could purchase a Harley or exotic vinegar from northern Italian mountains at the market price, the price of the seller. Today, you pay a 100% tax for importing motorcycles, twice the price! Likewise, nearly a 70%-200% tax on exotic foodstuffs. Why does our government tax us so much? Where do these taxes go? Do they even need to tax us?

We need to wake up and ask ourselves these questions. The government’s role is to protect us from each other – ensure life and freedom. To prevent crime and offer justice for which it must run police and courts. Police, courts and the army are the only functions of a government for which it needs taxes. There are much better ways to get these taxes than crushing our right to purchase goods from a foreign entity.

In India, our state governments abuse police, courts don’t work and we are taxed out of our lives! We pay a tax on every item we pay (GST) and the basic things of police and courts won’t work! We must demand that our hard-earned money and tax be respected and show the government that we will not tolerate such abuse!

Taxes must be used in the best way possible. It is time we awake to this, ask questions in our minds and take actions to gain justice from these wrongdoings of our elected governments. Do not forget too – the government cannot and doesn’t have any right to tell you what or whom to purchase from – and tax you with 70 or 100% of the price of the product. The government is a clerk whom we pay our money. It must know its place and not be our master.