Maintaining Communal Harmony Is The Responsibility Of Every Indian

Posted by Subash Deb in Society, Specials
June 18, 2018

A prayer from Upanisad in Sanskrit, ‘Sarve Jana sukhino bhavantu’ means may all Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and all other people from different religions be happy. This is what Hinduism says. I being a proud Hindu may proclaim it every time without considering the feelings of others. I can’t impose my ideas and philosophies on others – either forcefully or surreptitiously in a democratic nation like ours. Every religion has its distinct history, and therefore to preserve and protect it is the responsibility of its followers. The question whether the religion educates and uplifts the society and liberates it from all forms of bondage, etc. is what the rational pundits of every educated society must answer.

Modern-day humans are more fragile and fearful creatures than their predecessors, unlike animals which fight to kill and survive. Humans can be moulded to believe that there is something called ‘fate’ and it can be fateful too if it doesn’t follow certain gospels, norms and propriety. This basic fact apart from various other gains justify as to why proselytisation has boomed into a thriving propaganda worldwide. After conceding to a certain religion to dispel our fears and insecurities of various nature, we imperceptibly start falling into the trap of exclusivity, extremism, fundamentalism without letting our conscious mind space know that we have already been trapped into theocratic fascism that is infamous for sanctimonious talk, luring people into their fold by doubtful means.

Enlightened society has the onus of breaking into this manufactured smoke screen that consciously covers the real picture of humanity and allows for destruction in the name of religion.

Whatever projects might have been sanctioned to Christianise, Saffronise and Islamise India, we can’t allow hegemony of any religion in a pluralistic country like ours. Indian Constitution has provided us religious freedom and liberty to follow any faith. Some adopt violence to proselytise; some adopt crafty strategic planning, subtle deception and monetary inducement to do so. What is important today is the maintenance of secular harmony with the responsibility being shared equally among all religions.

Eid Mubarak!