Saudi Football Fan Cycles For 75 Days To Reach Moscow For The FIFA World Cup

Posted by shakeel ahmad in News, Sports
June 15, 2018

The Saudi cyclist Fahd al-Yahya has turned into a celebrity by covering 5,145 kms to Moscow on cycle. He undertook this unique ordeal in order to reach the Russian Luzhniki stadium where the opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was going to be held.

The cyclist happens to be a very ardent fan of his national football team. He took on this daunting challenge thanks to his intense love for his country’s national football team. It was definitely a great feat by him. He covered as many as four countries and continued his journey for a total of 75 days.

It even caused him severe back pain but that did not deter him. Upon arrival in the city of Moscow from Riyadh, he was greeted by none than the Saudi Arab Football Federation president Adel Ajaj. He certainly held high his country’s flag.

But unfortunately, his team could not do the same. The Saudi footballers suffered a big defeat at the hands of the Russian team – a loss by five goals.

His enthusiasm and determination must have suffered after seeing the devastating defeat. The Russians thrashed the Saudi football team in the very first match of the big tournament.

Did these footballers not possess Fahd’s concentration? Salman Faraj headed a decent chance over the crossbar as Saudi Arabia tried to make a comeback. But the Russians were a class above as they took the lead in the very 12th minute with their first shot.

Fahd deserves all the praises but unfortunately, the Saudi Arabian soccer team did not earn that kind of commendable achievement.