Dear Trolls, Stop Harassing Celebrities For Posting Intimate Photos With Their Kids

Posted by Arunchandra c in #NoPlace4Hate, Media, Society, Specials
June 12, 2018
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Parents often like to express their love by sharing photos on social media. So do the celebrities. They are normal human beings with feelings and emotions, just like us. Trolls don’t need a reason to target – they will always look for one.

Numerous celebrities have been targeted by trolls for posting photos on social media with their kids. From Aamir Khan to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the trolls spared nearly no one for posting such pictures with their kids. There were numerous trolls standing there with their moral brigade saying that one can’t post pictures showing them lip-kissing their kids or playing with them.

The photographs were bombarded with comments calling them unacceptable, inappropriate and against our culture. Who are these people to decide what one needs to post on social media? Some of them even saw sexual overtones in the photos and compared them to pornography.

It’s absurd that people can’t accept such displays of affection even though they can simply choose the ‘unfollow’ or ‘unlike’ option to stay away from the profiles they don’t like.

Celebrities are parents too. How can one display their love for the kids without kissing, hugging and playing around with them? It’s right for every parent to post photos of intimate moments with their loved ones. However, I must say that irrespective of what you do, there will be people who will say what they want to. After all, you can’t silence or make everyone happy.

Well, if the trolls are so concerned about our cultural values, maybe they should stay away from social media, and make it a point to boycott it personally.