Watch: On Being Muslim, Being Queer And Why It’s Okay

Posted by The YP Foundation in Gender & Sexuality, LGBTQ, Video
June 18, 2018

Rafiul Alom Rahman is the founder of The Queer Muslim Project (2017) and the Delhi University Queer Collective (2014). In an interview with Avali and Arunima from The YP Foundation, he talks about the challenges of organising around queer issues and politics within university spaces, the queer movement in India, and the importance of The Queer Muslim Project – not only in the lives of Muslim queers, but also in the larger socio-political context of the country.

In celebration of Pride Month, The YP Foundation is running an online campaign to spark conversations around issues specific to queer youth and their engagement in queer politics, through narrative pieces, articles, essays, comic strips, artworks, and personal interviews. Through these, the campaign seeks to explore the importance of the queer movement in India and the intricacies of queer organising. it also looks at the different ways in which the queer movement in India is forging alliances with other movements, through the active engagement and involvement of young queer people. This campaign is a part of a larger international campaign hosted by CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality.

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