‘A Unique Country That Inspires Others’: What India Has To Offer To The World

Posted by palak prashant in Business and Economy, GlobeScope
June 12, 2018

India is one of the most commendable and unique countries in the world, due to its large democracy, rich heritage and diverse culture. Tourists are awe-inspired when they encounter India and fall in love with its 1,652 local languages, delicious food, colourful clothing, numerous ethnicities and its diverse religions; thus, substantiating India to be eulogised.

Here, sheer altruism and benevolence transcend all kinds of predicaments and restore equanimity in the society. Such a praiseworthy country inspires and invigorates other countries to emulate it.

As we look at the future, India continues to hold very strong potential in the global arena. India comprises of prolific youth who can profoundly increase the efficacy of human capital across the globe. Such a contribution can magnificently accelerate advancement by enhancing the capacity and productivity of industries pertinent to development.

Several ageing countries throughout our sphere can utilise the youth available here by purchasing their services at reasonable prices, and thus intensify the power of development. As the world starts to use the demographic dividend of India, it will lead to immense contribution by India in the areas of Information and Technology, Telecom, Space Research, Science and Mathematics.

India shall be the youngest country in the world by 2020, with about 64% of its total population in the working age. Therefore, this will provide an unprecedented and myriad edge for India to prosper the world even more.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “India will be a global player in the digital economy.”

India, apart from other ranks of eminence, is also flourishing in the area of education. It has especially been great at producing world-class talent in the areas of technology, science and management. Education, a core value of Indian families, has already enriched the world with Industry leaders in several large companies. A few examples are CEOs of two of the largest companies in the world, Google and Microsoft. With more availability of education, such a salient feature will be able to enrich the world with many more illustrious persons.

Quality education is seen as the primary need due to strict and disciplined doctrines conveyed here and can thus establish deep-seated proficiency on the planet for Indians. The future of our global terrain is predominantly dependent on science and technology. Since India has been blessed with excellent analytical minds, India can efficiently employ resources and achieve astronomically, thus providing many exalted people of various occupations to initiate development across the world.

Engineers, doctors, scientists and mathematicians will be the paramount forces in driving the society, and India is already in conversance with the same.

The development of India itself is a prerequisite for the development of the world. The entry of a new government has, to an extent, restored a methodical and global outlook. Most of the quandaries that India faces are pertinent to a deficit of industries and skilled education in the remote localities of it. With projects like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ and the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, relatively lesser hindrances to advancement exist. This elucidates that there should be advancements made in the spheres of weaknesses in India first.

Projects such as ‘Make in India’ and ‘MNREGA’ aim to contribute not only to India but to the world. Due to the dense Indian population, the cost of production is low, due to which the prices of goods are less. Low-cost medical equipment, machines and various other goods will help to utilise the amenities in foreign countries as well as in India.

To conclude, India can convey to the world ways that revolve around extremely favourable outcomes. It is a unique country, which is also entitled to make the lives of others extraordinary. It casts footprints in the course of history, which invoke and inspire other people countries and make them draw in courage and perseverance in their turbulent phases.

We have to mould our forthcoming generations in such a way that they become pillars of strength and continuity of the divine doctrines that have been established in the past.