A Videogame Room in Your Finished Basement

Posted by james
July 9, 2018

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After your basement renovations your finished basement has everything the upper level of the house has or even more – movie lovers can have their own home theater, bookworms have a comfortable home library and sports enthusiasts have favourite home gym. So, how about video gamers? What can they have in a fully upgraded finished basement? A home videogame room, of course!

Playing on the couch in the living room or on bed will backfire on your back, not mentioning all the disruptions from other people. Therefore, for video game lovers to have the right place is essential, as it allows to play in quiet and comfort.

Tastes differ and people have varying tastes and needs. However, there are some basic requirements to consider planning the ultimate video game room.

  • Insulation

The basement provides the advantage of being in a secluded part of the house – the disruptions here are minimal; the volume can be as loud as you want without worrying about disturbing others. To make these dreams come true, take care of proper basement insulation installation that can be not only moisture- but noise resistant as well.

  • Cooling

Powerful gaming computers produce plenty of heat and the room is bound to get quite hot. The obvious solution is to install air conditioner; cheaper ways of keeping the room cool include larger space, using multiple fans or opening the windows.

  • Safety

 Make sure the basement is built to the required safety standards: it has a second escape exit, smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.

  • Technology

To have all the tech gadgets for your gaming experience (an adjustable TV stand, a cable organizer, cooling pads for your laptop, wireless headsets and speakers) you need to think of appropriate electrical installation.

  • Lighting

Itis an important element, as most game rooms have limited or no natural light coming. Instead of a single overhead fixture, consider accented basement lighting installation around the room. A combination of multicolored lights creates a surreal atmosphere, perfect for video gaming.

  • Storage

Video game room requires lots of storage, otherwise it’s going to be one confusing mess. Think of carpentry work beforehand.

  • Comfort

Soft and comfortable chair provides significant support to your back and spine.

  • Nutrition

Playing on through the day and night requires having a fridge with healthy things to nibble on. Think of kitchen pantry installation and a water dispenser for quick access to drinking water.

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