After An Explosive Speech, Rahul Gandhi’s Hug Left PM And Nation Stunned

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July 21, 2018

On July 20, PM Narendra Modi’s government faced its first No Confidence Vote in parliament. The first one for any government at the centre in 15 years.

The most unpredictable scene that took place during this debate session was Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s speech and an emotional sign-off.

Here are the allegations which Rahul Gandhi put against the ruling government and the Prime Minister:

  1. The Congress president started with some ‘Jumla Strikes’ and said, “We all are victims or the jumla strikes but the farmers, Dalit, Tribes, and women are those who are most affected from this.”
  2. The promise of ₹15 lakh in every bank account has not been fulfilled.
  3. He stated that the PM had promised to give 2 crore jobs to the youth but according to the Labour Bureau, only four lakh jobs had been created in the last two years.
  4. Comparing India with China, he said that the latter provides 50,000 jobs to needy within 24 hours and in our country, only 400 jobs are given in a day.
  5. Gandhi said that no one knows where this government got the idea of demonetisation. Sharing his personal experience in Surat after a meeting with few farmers, he said that they were some of the people who suffered the most in the country.
  6. The country is facing the highest rate of unemployment in seven years.
  7. On coming to GST, Rahul Gandhi talked about how it was UPA’s idea which was opposed by the BJP at the time. The Congress wanted one tax but PM Modi introduced five types of GST in the market.
  8. Talking about PM’s Videsh Daura, he said that the PM sets meetings with Obama and Trump (PM laughs at this) with high security but doesn’t care about the citizen’s security in his country. He doesn’t talk to small businessmen, he only talks to a few ‘suit-boot’ businessmen. What is in the heart of poor people, the Prime Minister doesn’t know.
  9. Narendra Modi addresses himself Desh Ka Chowkidaar (Country’s Watchman), Gandhi called him Bhagidaar (Participant) pointing to the PM’s silence on the Jay Shah case.
  10. He said the price of Rafale aircraft magically changed into ₹1,670 crore per plane from ₹570 crore. He also stated that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman lied because of pressure from Narendra Modi.
  11. The PM excused a ₹2.5 crore loan for one of the richest businessmen in the country but he did nothing for the poor farmers struggling with debt.

The most interesting thing took place when Rahul Gandhi addressed himself as ‘forgiving and loving Indian’. He stated, “You all think that I have hate for the PM and BJP in my heart, but no! I want to thank them as they taught me what religion, Shivji and Hinduism is!”

He continued with, “You (BJP and RSS) hate me, call me ‘Pappu’  but I don’t mind a bit. I am Congress and this Congress and its thinking made this country! I will take this hatred out of you and turn it into love.”

Walking across the Lok Sabha, he went and hugged the Prime Minister.

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