I Feel Fortunate To Have Been Brought Up By Working Parents

Posted by BHUMIKA SHARMA in Specials
July 18, 2018

I was born in the late 1980s and at that time, women were slowly joining the workforce. Both my sibling and I have been raised by parents who worked full-time jobs, without much support from grandparents on either side.

I need to express my gratitude to the Departments of Posts and Telegraphs (now divided into BSNL and India Posts). My father served DoPT and he was in Telegraphs (now named BSNL). During those years, the department had night duty as well. So my father would look after us during the day while my mother would go to work. During the night, he’d go to work and our mother would spend time with us.

Having been raised in such a manner gives me immense gratitude and respect for both my parents. I am proud of being their daughter. Today when I see couples struggling to raise kids, even when they have a strong support system, it gives me confidence that it won’t be the same with us because of the love our parents have passed on.

This article is a tribute to my parents for giving their entire lives to raise us.

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