The Stand-up Special ‘Nanette’ Is A Reflection Of The Brutal World We Live In

Posted by Devika Sachaphimukh in Culture-Vulture, Specials
July 20, 2018

“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself” – Hannah Gadsby

The Netflix stand-up comedy special “Nanette” by Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby is trending on social media because of her relevant, honest, and fearless content. Hannah Gadsby, who identifies as a lesbian, has faced struggles and discrimination not just in her career but even before that. In “Nanette”, Gadsby shows us how human beings are often filled with hatred and loathing, which often has an adverse effect on the lives of people around them. Women especially feel constantly triggered and scared in a room full of men, when in an ideal world, they would have no reason to be.

She breaks down how comedians often have to suppress and alter the memories of traumatic incidents so that they can make jokes out of them. This revelation by Gadsby is transformational, and a revelation for many. It urges people to speak out against injustice but also reminds them to be vulnerable to be able to heal their own wounds. Her show is not just a reflection of the world of stand-up comedy, but also the one that we live in.

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