A Separatist Leader’s Daughter Topped J&K Boards And Social Media Only Had Hate To Offer

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July 19, 2018

“Wonder Woman”, a 2017 American superhero film based on one of the largest and oldest American comic books from DC comics, directed by Patty Jenkins, opens with the voice of Gal Gadot, who plays Daina Prince/Wonder Woman:

“I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place. But I knew so little then. It’s a land of beauty and wonder, worth cherishing in every way,” she says. “But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness simmering within. I learned this the hard way, a long, long time ago.”

This may be true for someone who recently outclassed everyone else in the CBSE Board Examination. I assure Gal Gadot that the daughter of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) chief Shabir Ahmed Shah has come face-to-face with the simmering darkness in a harder way.

On May 26, this year, daughter of separatist leader Shabir Shah, who is currently in Tihar jail, topped the CBSE Class 12 exams in Jammu and Kashmir. A student of Delhi Public School (DPS) Athwajan, Srinagar, Sama Shabir Shah secured 97.8% marks.

Ahead of this news, many people in Kashmir realized that the world suffers from an incessant shortage of appreciation, good and informed manners. Some people, instead of congratulating the girl, started challenging her outlook. Others were busy circulating her videos and uploading screenshots of pictures on freshly created Instagram accounts despite knowing the difficult circumstances she faced with her father in Tihar. Almost none of them gladly praised the young student.

In some parts of the world, young people are often taught fair treatment, how to widen access to their dreams and how to disagree in a civil manner. But a particular section of people around the world wants nothing to do with this. In these peoples’ imagination, the families of political leaders appear and disappear all day long in what they call as unlawful clothes, and disgrace follows.

In 2016, when Afzal Guru’s son scored distinction in his 10th class board exams, a fake quote in the name of Anupam Kher sought the rechecking of his papers to which Ghalib Guru responded, “Anybody who is interested to check my papers he/she can check and my marks will not slash but surely will increase.”

After this statement, people in Kashmir kept their screens buzzing with “Ghalib’s befitting reply to Anupam Kher” posts on social media.

Everybody started to shift their focus towards Ghalib and flooded their social media timeline in support. Even now, another young student is facing a crisis but this time people are not ready to uphold the moral responsibility to support her. Some people blame this tragedy on gender inequality in the valley while others have a different story to tell.

According to some in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, some girls on social media networks are creating the wrong kind of attention for themselves in an attempt to be viewed in a certain way. Instead of being recognized for their intelligence, thoughts and ideas, they are objectifying themselves. They believe that this creates a general notion about girls among countless social media users who then see every other girl with the same thought.

One of the reasons, they think, is that women are in a constant battle to be seen as equals and this prevents progress because their goal shifts from doing something good in society to being seen as equals. So when a girl achieves something based on her intellect, these users deny her capacity and see her in the same light.

According to Statista, which generates data on social media and users, social networking is one of the most popular online activities with high user engagement rates and expanding mobile possibilities. It states that social networking penetration worldwide is ever increasing and it is estimated that in 2019 there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe and these figures are expected to grow up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

2018 is the year of pride in Jammu and Kashmir. Sama Shabir, daughter of Jammu and Kashmir separatist leader Shabir Ahmad Shah, has topped the 12th board examination in the state. This time inspiration came to our doorsteps, but most social media users have ignored the hardships she faced in the midst of the Indian fury. Some users are also questioning her studying in one of the elite schools in Kashmir.

Contrary to what some users are showing to their audience outside about Jammu and Kashmir, there are still people who are proud for her.

A Srinagar-based journalist and editor, Majid Maqbool, while reacting on the issue wrote on his Facebook timeline, Sama Shabir has excelled and done what she was supposed to do despite difficult circumstances. Now those circulating her vidoes speak more about themselves than her, or her father. Leave her alone. Better still, mind your own work. Or support the education of a pellet hit student, for example. Elders, adults who provide lengthy juvenile arguments, criticizing her and commenting on what clothes she wears, should think about spending a week, minus Facebook, in a jail cell or confined to their homes, to imagine what decades of incarceration and separation means for the daughter, and her father.”

We need to rise up from the wild accusations, false claims and show respect to the family.

May sense and peace prevail in its true sense!

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