Souls In Love

Posted by Ansuman Nayak in Society, Specials
July 14, 2018

Far, far from her,
my heart has her soul,
Under the deep traces of flesh,
my heart beats for her.
Under the lights of love,
our souls dance like puppets of destiny.
With each sway
nature has its own conspiracy.
Bounded by the shackles of religion,
ruled by the demigods of oblivion,
society stabbed her to death,
she being a human of other religion.
Now she lives in my heart forever,
mocking the society in the name of immortality.
Often under the beat of the heart,
we dance in my dreams.
Free from destiny she beckons me to eternity,
and each day I persuade her,
to unite the society in the religion of humanity.

Created by Ansuman Nayak

Which religion for this world?
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