‘Indians Are Cowards, We Never Bother About Our Condition Until Something Big Happens’

Posted by Raj Iyre in Specials
July 22, 2018

What a year it has been. India has been in headlines globally for child rape cases more times than perhaps any other nation. A record, really. It tells us more about ourselves than the perpetrators.

Just so one knows, 17 men were charged by Chennai police for raping a 12-year-old girl over the course of seven months.

Indians are cowards. Indians are reactionary. We never bother about the state we live in or the condition of our lives until something that adversely affects us actually happens.

Everybody in the country knows that the police don’t work enough, the courts are broken. How many of us have ever protested?

Why do you live this way? Why accept such poor policing? Why accept the full knowledge that your life, your freedom to do what you like with your body and property are in constant danger, and there is no deterrent? Why live this way?

Today, I’m in no mood to take the blame. To use the word “us”. I’m not the average Indian. Never was. And I’m so proud of that. But I can’t help say that the average person reading this, who makes India what it is, I live with you. I want justice, but you seem to make a home in injustice, find comfort and solace in a town full of crime and barbarism. Of course, you probably even impose minor injustices upon your family/friends and support some crimes against those you dislike.

We know that if we are to find our destiny, we need to guard our freedom to act as we like with our body and property. It is only always within this range that we will find the calling in our hearts to do something we love. We will never find true happiness in forcing ourselves on others. It will always be to do something with ourselves and our stuff we own.

So we must protect this right and liberty. We know we have a box of keg powder in the living room and a slow-lit fire burning from time to time. Why wait until the house explodes? Why live in a place where this freedom to find your destiny is so thoroughly decimated? If we need peace in life, we need to get this fixed. There is no way around it. So arise and fight. I am doing my bit. You must do yours too.

I will die happy knowing I did all I could in my capacity to guard my liberty; what would your thoughts be when you are on your deathbed?

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