What It Feels Like To Be In Love With A Haryanvi Guy

Posted by Preeti Singh in Culture-Vulture
July 20, 2018

He’s too hot and too cold to handle at the same time. His hotness melts you inside-out and his cold attitude towards everything will shake you from within.

His tenderness will make you feel loved and wanted. Once he falls for you seriously, there will be no one who can love you more than him.

His courageous nature will give you a sense of security all the time. His walking style shows you his command over the world.

His short temper will bring you face-to-face with many situations where you will see him shouting at others, abusing freely, and unnecessarily turning a normal conversation into a fight. Later, he will give you an explanation like, “Jaat hoon, nahi hota control (I am a Jaat, I can’t control myself).” Even though you’ll eventually get used to it, the goosebumps you get on each such incident will never vanish.

You will fall in love with his native language. It may sound pretty disrespectful to you in the beginning, but you will soon start enjoying it. The way he’ll give you names and say those favourite lines, you will have no reaction left than a smile.

Gradually, you will notice him surrounded by his so-called good friends, whom you don’t like at all. They will endlessly try to ruin him in numerous ways – encourage him to loiter, smoke, drink or flirt with other women. No matter how hard you try, you’ll fail several times in trying to make him a decent guy.

He will find you dominating, stubborn and arrogant. He’ll claim that you initiate all the fights that happen between you two. Give him time, he’ll contradict his words later on.

He will soon try adapting to you, he will start controlling his anger, and become that sweetheart you always wanted. He will try giving up toxic friendships and habits. But don’t forget that some things will always be the same. Like he says, “Jaat hoon, ye ni chootega (I am a Jaat, I can’t leave this).”

As soon as you realise that everything is going on in your favour, be prepared. You’re heading towards an explosive event. You see, they’re full of unexpected things and are one of the most unpredictable personalities ever. It’ll feel like a roller coaster ride of a lifetime. You’ll witness yourself laughing, smiling, crying, begging, shouting, upset, all at the same time. They’ll hurt you with their words and will later use words coated with sugar and dipped in honey once they realise that they hurt you. He’ll be your mood swinger for sure.

They are pretty good liars and can be very secretive. They also get irritated very fast but calm down faster. They cry as much as they laugh but only when they get too emotional, which will be the rarest of rare cases.

Being with them, you will see many changes in yourself too. You’ll become more patient, more down-to-earth, more caring. You’ll learn to enjoy life, learn to sing and dance with them, learn to be carefree, learn to laugh and smile often, learn to forgive the biggest mistakes. You’ll discover a new self with him.

Beware. Once you fall for them, you’ll lose control over yourself. Whether you plan to give up on him or he does, neither of you are going anywhere. They have the ability to hold on to you no matter how much you make up your mind to leave. You just can’t leave them. And they know it very well.

Yes, they are different, entirely different. But they are unique. You won’t find all these traits in anybody else except them. They’re really soft and delicate from the heart, don’t be judgemental of their outer harshness. Once they fall in love seriously, they fall really hard. Be with him and he’ll do anything and everything to keep you.

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