Yes, I Am An Anti-National, But…

Posted by Mohsin Pathan in Specials
July 12, 2018

There’s a new community in our country which has been formed very recently. And here are the specifications.

Community Name: Anti-National

Founded By: Some Fake Nationalist

Founding Year: 2014

Requirement For Joining: being adept at criticising the government’s worst decisions.

I am one of these so-called anti-nationals, and the population this community has been growing day by day.

We are living in a democratic country. A democracy means the government is chosen by the people, and for the people. But what about the people who didn’t cast their vote for the ruling government? If people don’t like their present government or Prime Minister, that hardly means they don’t love their country! Everyone has a choice to like or dislike something. It is the actual meaning of freedom of speech and thought.

Illustration by Maitri Dore.

I’d like to talk about the situation of our country after BJP came to power in the central government. I feel compelled to tell you that I am not from the Gandhi family, I’m not even a Congress supporter. But I am strictly against the hooliganism of some BJP supporters. And because of this, I have been awarded the prestigious anti-national certificate from so called ‘nationalists’ of our country! There are always some ignorant good-for-nothings who are always willing to give you the certificate, free of cost, with a full tour package of Pakistan. Now, if you want this certificate, you need the following qualifications:

If you say anything against the decision of ruling government, you’re anti-national.

If you do not forward the fake messages that praise the work the government hasn’t actually even done, you are anti-national.

If you raise your voice against crises like unemployment, poverty, and communalism, you are anti-national.

If u say anything in the support of your (non-Hindu) religion, you’re anti-national.

If you support parties other than the ruling one, you are anti-national.

If you say anything about their followers (you know, bhakts), then you’re anti-national.

If you’re not ready to accept problematic propaganda, you’re anti-national.

And if you’re against hooliganism, and the ruling party’s goons, then you’re anti-national.

So let’s say 45 % (or around 50 crore) of the people of India are ‘anti-national’.

Photo by Nitin Kanotra/Hindustan Times via Getty Images.

If one wants to be successful, one should be aware about one’s own weaknesses. Positive criticism can and should be done by enthusiastic people around you. Similarly, there should be a energetic and positive opposition against the government, and believe me it is a biggest need of country right now. Opposing and Criticising—till now all political parties have practised it. But after 2014, this democratic activity, done in the interest of the nation, has been labelled anti-national. Why? To me, this is nothing but objectionable propaganda by our ruling government, spread by too many of its followers. It creates a conflict between communities, between citizens.

Now here’s my unsolicited advice to the BJP: If you want to win the upcoming elections, then show prove yourself to voters. Don’t rely on spreading hate. And now a little advice to all my country people —don’t be a part of hateful, filthy politics. Work hard to better yourself and your country. Don’t let yourself be subject to voting mind-games. Don’t follow fake news. Use your minds, and be a part of the revolution.

So, here’s a closing statement, which I give also as an ex-NCC cadet, and an anti-national: If I don’t support a bad decision made by our government, and this is taken as the activity of an anti-national, then yes, I will proudly say, “I am anti-national“.

But, but, but! I know that I love my country more than all the fake nationalists combined. But if you still don’t like me, please, instead of that Pakistan tour package, send me a ticket of Dubai 🙂