reminder of an invisible addiction that doesn’t kill individuals but destructs mankind

Posted by Gnana Priya
August 9, 2018

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“No man can live without me .
anything and everything you want originates with me ,even happiness I give you! you love me more than anything and I’m the biggest want . you’d never hate me like you hate your ex or the Mondays. I’m the king and you know it . you value me More than anyone or anything ,even your friends , relatives or even mother ! I’m not lying . Nobody can live without me .I repeat, I’m the king and I control your happiness and fate .d’you even know why?
But I wish I Never existed. like ever .you’d love your mom more . love your soulmate without faking . don’t have to worry about gifts or luxuries. crime wouldn’t increase . every man come behind me and forget why  they’re here, born in this world and are more than blessed to be human beings . live the shortest life given to you . Remember,I do not speak.neither will I cry when u cry or laugh when u do . Stop running behind me , life is lot more than you think. after all I’m a piece of paper printed with just numbers that range my value and not soul”
-Money 💰

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