The new recipe of Indian republic

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In what I’d call a sick book by a sick author (if this kind of compilation of distorted facts and a propaganda to impose an ideology can be authored, and the writer can be termed as an author) and director, Vivek Agnihotri describes Urban Naxals as “Urban naxals are the ‘invisible enemies’ of India, some of them have either been caught or are under the police radar for working for the movement and spreading insurgency against the Indian state. One common thread amongst all of them is that they are all urban intellectuals, influencers or activists of importance.” 

Re-read the statement, “‘invisible enemies’ (emphasis in the original) of India” and “urban intellectuals, influencers or activists of importance.”

What is the matter? Why I’m presenting this statement?

In a series of arrests, recently, of human rights activists, public intellectuals, and journalists – Vernon Gonsalves, Sudha Bharadwaj, Arun Ferreira, and Gautam Navlakha, it has been proven beyond any scope of doubt that you’ll be jailed for progressive thinking.

[Nine were in the radar and five were arrested and then the renowned political analyst and civil rights activists Anand Teltumbde’s whose image was also maligned when he compared Hitler’s Germany and Modi’s India by dragging him as well into this matter.]

The result of any word against the Prime Minister, the political party in power or the deceased Prime Minister who happened to publicly support a man (on record) who happened to be the architect of a massacre that took place in 2002 in Gujarat  is an invitation of a reprimand on Social Media, moral lectures at home or in educational institutions. Or if you happen to be an intellectual then you’re fate is set in  stone. They’ll [the agents of un-democracy] orchestrate it in accordance with the marketing campaign of their [sick] political party with a [sick] ideology. 

It’s a ‘crime’ to ‘think’ in contemporary India. And, I’m attempting a criminal offence by typing down a set of free thoughts right now!

I wanted to write it the very first day about the arrests that started in Maharashtra where five activists were arrested on the charges of some links with Bhima-Koregaon violence in January this year. But I watched in silence to learn where this disgusting display of brute-power will go.

As 2019 comes closer to us, we can see it in black and white what the current political party in power can do to remain in power. Over the last (almost) 5 years, what have we not witnessed, I ask?

Mob-Lynching, Draconian Declaration(s) e.g. De-Mo, Attempt to enforce Hindi as the Nation’s Language, One Nation-One Language, Assault on Free Speech, Rape(s) of uncommon nature and often inflicted to achieve or demonstrate a position of power, political killings of intellectuals and activists which were the pride of this country and what not! And, now this, public intellectuals are hounded from their homes and their background is questioned, their image maligned, and an attempt to virtually destroy their body of work by branding it as a work of influence – to achieve something. 

Arrested. For what?

For thinking freely, for writing freely, for raising their voices against injustice, to make sure that the often ignored plight of people in this country finds attention of the State, to educate and empower the people of this country. They’re hounded, humiliated, and (have been) killed because they do not support a political party which happens to forget the fundamentals of being a democracy or ruling one. 

Much has been said and reported about the issue, and I have expressed my concerns about this. But there’s a deeper concern – I think that my country is going on a different path which is certainly not that of a developing society: a free, progressive, and democratic society. So, I thought what kind of a State my country is metamorphosing into! 

Then what’s the New Recipe of the Indian Republic?

  1. Hail the Prime Minister and the political party he represents.
  2. Paint your home(s), school(s), and yourself in Orange.
  3. Drink urine of Holy Cow!
  4. Don’t use anything except Patanjali products.
  5. Respect one God-men – SadhGuru.
  6. Only one lady should be the flag-bearer of Women Empowerment – Kangana Ranaut.
  7. Only one actor deserves all National Awards for his grandiose roles as a soldier, officer etc. – Akshaya Kumar.
  8. There should be One Nation – Hindustan, One Language – Hindi, and One Religion – Hinduism.
  9. And, that goes without saying, Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Yes, you read that right. That’s the new recipe of Indian republic.

If you disagree then ask this to yourself if you happen to support what is happening in this country: What do you think you will do in a country which kills you for eating a particular animal’s meat, allows killing on the grounds of religious differences, who promises you to create a temple in a conflict area, which snatches away your right to use your money (withdraw, deposit etc.) the way you want?

Any day what “Sir” may feel like shall happen. One who expresses the spirit of camaraderie with him grows his business exponentially, is respected in the country, can flee the country in some cases and some can rule unquestionably.

You ask, why I’m saying this? – A company (business group) whose name you never heard of is granted the contract for the largest solar power plant (in the world at the time when it was installed). A co-operative bank is noted to have collected over 500 Crore of Indian Currency within 5 days of announcement of demonetisation – Was it an attempt to curb black money or to turn it into white? A baba’s brand becomes world’s fastest growing FMCG. In a series of well orchestrated interviews a man is hailed as a spiritual leader with a scientific acumen. A lady happens to target a select few individuals only – coincidentally coming from same faith – and speaks vehemently a well rehearsed line: “That’s what liberals do?” You truly are a class-apart actor, ma’am! For those of you who don’t know – most of you don’t, please find the names of the authority who was commissioned to present a report on the Bhima-Koregaon Violence! 

A War of Ideologies

Coming to the coining of this term, ‘Urban Naxals’ I suggest you all, please waste two hours of your precious life to watch this stupid movie which has nothing to do but to propagate an agenda well supported by you-should-definitely-know-who – Buddha in a Traffic Jam. What a waste of money and resources! Just like the book which Mr. Vivek authored. This kind of branding, of people, who are way more learned that Mr. Vivek, way more qualified to discuss on the issues of National and International importance than him and a collective strength of the ruling party and their supporters, should be condemned.

I must say this: what makes you one of ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ ideology is this difference: Being ‘Right’, you support the thought and if you don’t, you kill the thinker. Being ‘Left’, you defend the right of a person to voice his/her/hir opinion no matter what – even if its trueness or falseness is not established or debated. That’s the fundamental difference in the ideology: Support of Right to Free Speech, Thought, and/or Opinion.

I recently read, The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and this line got me thinking: time is a great erase, of both sorrow and of joy. I just wish that in my country time becomes the eraser of sorrow but I fear. I fear. 


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