Top Honest Politicians Of India

Indian politics has given birth to a lot of great politicians. No matter how deep the roots of corruption went into the system, these great and honest politicians in India have worked hard for the well being of Indian citizens. Due to their endless efforts, India is now emerging before the global community in just 70 years from its independence. Before giving your vote in the upcoming election, have a look at the most charismatic leader of the nation who has guided the citizens toward development and serve as an inspiration for all of us.

Sonia Gandhi

As one of the strongest political leader of the nation, Soniya Gandhi has remained in the office for a record time of 19 years. She was elected as the party president in year 1997 after 7 years of his husband Rajiv Gandhi’s (former Prime Minister of India) assassination. Even though she doesn’t have a political background, she served as the office hostess while her husband was termed as the Prime Minister. Her husband’s assassination drifted her far from the politics but the gradual deformation of the Congress party from 1991 to 1997 change her decision and she took command of the party in her own hands. This selfless act resulted in recovering the long-lost image of the Congress party in India. Following the path of her Mother in law and husband, she dedicatedly involved herself in the development of the country. She is often praised as one of the most honest politicians in India who played an important role in the implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Right to Information Act.

Rahul Gandhi

In the list of the honest politician in India, Rahul Gandhi has managed to secure his position due to his transparent, bold and down to earth political approach. His modern thinking and ability to understand the global scenarios better than any other politician of the nation is the result of his education from the prestigious universities like Harvard and Cambridge. Before joining the politics, he worked in a leading management consultancy firm in London and later started his own company in India which gives him a corporate edge and a better understanding of global business ethics. Such qualities are very hard to find in Indian politics where senior leaders are hardly able to speak in front of foreign delegations due to lack of their education.

In 2004, Rahul Gandhi decided to make his debut in politics by contesting in 2004 Lok Sabha elections from his father’s constituency Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. Even though a lot of questions arise about his lack of political experience which can affect the winning streak in Amethi, he won the election with a major difference putting an end to all those allegations. He repeated his success in 2009 election by almost single-handedly leading the Congress party toward victory in Uttar Pradesh. He fielded a large number of youngsters in the election battle which no other party or politician was even able to think about which resulted in this one-sided victory of Congress.

Shashi Tharur

Shashi Tharur has emerged as one of the most intriguing leaders of current India. In the political system where a lot of politicians have failed to complete school education, Shashi Tharoor emerges as a well educated and honest politician of India serving the country as a diplomat and writer from the political stream. He is a true leader of the nation and was beloved by the entire population of the country. He grabs the attention of media from time to time due to his strong opposing views about different issues that have been plaguing the country. Unlike most of the other politicians on India, he has no fear to speak the truth about the malpractices happening in the country. Apart from that, he is also considered as the most tech-savvy politicians in the Indian political history making it possible for the entire nation to connect with him directly with his twitter account. It is believed that Shashi Tahrur begins his career in politics after being approached by Congress. He took part in 2009 general election in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala as a candidate from Congress Party. Even though he faced a lot of criticism of being an outsider, he won the election by a major difference of 100,000 votes. He was later elected as the minister of state in the Council of Ministers of the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He is responsible for re-establishment of long-dormant diplomatic relationships with nations of Africa while he served as the Minister of State for External Affairs. You find it interesting that his fluency in French language made him popular with Francophone countries.

Shashi Tharur is one of the nation’s first ministers to visit Haiti after the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. He is also responsible for reforming the arrangements for conducting Haj pilgrimage for India citizens.

Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh served as the Prime Minister of Nation for two consecutive terms in 2004 and 2009. Although a lot of people believe that he is a silent person who served the nation under command of certain Congress leaders, the nations GDP has reached its peak value under his tenure. No matter how many accusations were for his leadership skills, no other politician is able to maintain such high GD and economic security in the nation till now. Before serving as the Prime Minister, he was designated as the finance minister in 1991 by P.V. Narsimha Rao. His contributions for steering the country out of an economic morass opening up the economy are still praised. Making the country’s economy stronger, India touched the US $ 1 trillion economy milestone under his leadership. The credit for the strong growth of the country from 2004 to 2014 goes to Manmohan Singh and team. During the devastating times of financial crisis in the world when the global economy had collapsed, the Indian economic system stands strong and unaffected because of his resilient policies. His transparent approach and endless effort for the welfare of the nation makes him one of the greatest and most honest politicians in India.

Narendra Modi

Even though he failed to remove corruption from the nation as well as from his own party BJP, he makes it to the list of honest politicians in Indian. Narendra Modi was one of the most honoured political leaders in India once but his poor decisions and irreverent approach have made people question about his credibility as the Prime Minister of the nation. On one hand, he is praised for drafting the policies like demonetization and GST in India which was a very bold act. On the other, he is criticized because he failed to execute any scheme successfully creating a huge economic loss and employment loss in the country. Although he was accused of the riots in Gujarat in the year 2002, he is never charged for corruption. Despite his number of failures as the Prime Minister of India, he has remained honest with his position and nation which is very unlikely as compared to his corrupt political party, BJP.

From the time he has taken the seat of Prime Minister, he has made tremendous efforts to improve the relation of India with other countries. It can be considered as his bad luck or a predetermined act by BJP that the nation has faced a lot of bank frauds in the last four years of his leadership. He has failed to maintain the GDP of the nation and it has touched its record low in the last couple of years. This fact may appear to you as quite a shock because the GDP just before his Prime Ministry was at a record high under the rule of Congress party led by Manmohan Singh. Even after all these failures, he is praised for his remarkable efforts for development of state of Gujarat as an industrial power of the nation.

Nitish Kumar

Belonging form the Janta Dal party, Nitish Kumar is one of the most honest politicians of India who is served as the Chief Ministers of Bihar as well as minister in Union Government of India. You may find it hard to believe that a person involved in the most corrupt political environment of the nation has successfully managed to maintain his image as one of the cleanest ministers in Bihar. His hard efforts made it possible for the state to recover from a massive economic collapse and bring down the corruption that was rapidly increasing in the Bihar government. Working toward the better education of the state, Nitish appointed over hundred thousand teachers to improve education standards and fast-tracked the development projects. In order to promote girls education, he starts a scheme of bicycle distribution for the girls who stayed in school which resulted in a steep increment in the number of girls in school and decrease in dropout rates. The best part about his leadership is that he brought crime under control in the state well known for its lawlessness and corrupt authorities.

These are some of the honest politicians in India who had worked hard for the betterment of its people. We can see that the 2019 election is going to be a close competition between BJP and Congress. The responsibility to choose an honest leader now relies on the shoulder of the citizen of India. The significance of this election can be measured by the fact that the country is still trying to recover for foolish execution of demonetization and GST bill by Narendra Modi and it is going to be a great responsibility for the upcoming leader to steer the nation these drastic situations toward new heights of development.

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