Tote Bags Urging People To Speak Up Against Sexual Abuse? Yes!

Nandita Khanna:

Awareness is spreading like fire these days. From feminism to #MeToo, people are opening up about their experiences of abuses. Yet there is a community in this world who cannot speak up for themselves yet. I am talking about the most innocent, but, unfortunately, also the most abused, individuals: the children of our society. They not only need us to protect them but also to speak for them and their rights. Let’s take a look at some facts first.

In our country, every second child is sexually abused as per the statistics published by World Vision India. Moreover, in most of the cases, the abuse goes unreported. Thus, it is crucial that children and adults speak up about the issue of child sexual abuse.

Because of social media and many other platforms, many NGOs and individuals are coming forward to make this world a better place for children. Our Voix is one of them. We are a not-for-profit youth-lead organisation which is working towards the prevention of child sexual abuse. We do this by spreading awareness through free workshops at schools, NGOs, colleges, and many public places.

For the purpose of fundraising, the organisation has come up with a very eco-friendly and economical product range to spread awareness about the issue. Among these are tote bags. Our volunteers, our young champions, are flaunting tote bags with what they feel and what they want. A bag stating “Speak Up” makes people aware instances related to abuse, encouraging them not to be mute on the same. Another bag has the message “Stop Staring”. It beautifully depicts how the youth of India will never stop using their creativity to bring their voice forward, using these messages. Not many people know this but staring for more than 14 seconds is a criminal offence under Section 354D of Indian Penal Code.

We have got our tote bag ready, have you got yours?

Stay aware, stay safe, and raise your voice for yourself and for others.

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