I Am Miserable, Thanks To You: A Letter To Fairytales

Dear fairy tales,

It’s been a long time since I met you, but whenever I see the world today, I can clearly see that you have left a part of you in me.

As a child, I always wanted my happily ever after, but in reality, there is no happily ever after. You ruined my views about love, I thought love would be like fireworks, but in reality, it is pain.

When I grew up, your versions changed in my life. You came as a romance novel where the hero’s world revolves around one and only person, the heroine and he can’t think or see any girl other than her, but in reality, there is no hero. They are just men with their own set of thoughts and views about love, and we were ever so romantic are desperately trying to change them. And, then you came as romantic movies in my life and mess with my brain even more in my teenage years, according to them the hero leaves his home, his family just to be with the heroine and even after leaving, they lived happily ever after.

Today, I blame the men for not being ideal when actually I should be blaming you to make me see the love of my life not as a human, but as a superhero. Because of you, the love of my life is unable to make me happy and he doesn’t know what he can do about it. Oops, reality check! He can’t be Prince Charming, he is after all just a man.

Because of you, I am unable to accept that there can be any other woman in his life. Because according to your rosy concept, I have to believe that there is only one special person in my life and I have to wait for him for the rest of my life, in order to be happy. And, you definitely can’t be happy if you are single and ambitious about life.

I cry every time I have a fight with him thinking why can’t I have my own happily ever after and I console myself that after marriage everything would be fine, even though my rational mind tells me that this is utter nonsense. Yet, whenever I go to a book shop, I can’t help myself but get a hold of you, and to get immersed in the beautiful world of yours. It has become so difficult nowadays that I have to turn a blind eye to you because I can’t hurt myself anymore.

I am far from reality just because of you.

I am miserable, thanks to you.

From a lover of fairy tales.

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