Five Reasons For BJP’s Victory In The 2019 Election

I believe that the BJP won the 2014’s general election because of Modi’s wave of corruption allegations against the Congress party. These efforts led to the historic win for the BJP five years ago.

Five years later, the BJP led government at the centre is facing several criticisms and it also cannot be denied that there are some serious issues that could have resulted in a negative outcome for them in 2019. However, all said and done, here are five reasons why I think the BJP government emerged victorious in the 2019 general elections:

Well Organised Leadership 

The core reason for BJP’s victory is the party’s sense of organisation. I believe the BJP team has the best experience and techniques to win the Indian election. From the central level to the grass root level, the party has been managed perfectly. They have done a brilliant job of connecting with the people of India and this is a serious advantage for them. BJP’s digital media campaigns have always been attractive and this has created a huge fan base across the country.

The party has mainly two faces; one is party president, Amit Shah considered as “Chanakya” of the party and none other is Narendra Modi famous for being the “brand ambassador” of the party. These two men have played a significant role in creating the party’s strategies. And this is one of the main reasons the Congress party has not been successful. I don’t believe that Rahul Gandhi is equal to Modi and the Congress lacks a leader like Amit Shah, especially considering his organisational skills.

Brand Modi 

NEW DELHI, INDIA-MAY 08: BJP Supporters clicked during an Election Rally for the Lok Sabha Polls at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. (Photo by Qamar Sibtain/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Throughout the BJP election campaigns, a set of popular Modi based slogans was consistently used. These include:

Modi hain toh mumkin hai’ (with Modi, everything is possible), Mai bi chaukidaar’,(I am a watchman too) ‘Aayega toh Modi hi’ (Modi will continue as PM).

These slogans successfully made voters feel, that without Modi, India will face dark times. They further strengthened the idea that Modi is the only possible leader for India and people truly believe that only he can address the country’s problems. Additionally, it is also important to note that the Congress rule for a decade and their dynasty politics made it easier to establish the Modi brand. I don’t think there is a single leader in the opposition who can match Modi’s charismatic leadership style.

Weak Opposition 

India’s main opposition Congress party President Rahul Gandhi speaks during a public meeting at Adalaj in Gandhinagar, India, Tuesday, March 12, 2019. India’s national election will be held in seven phases in April and May as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party seeks a second term. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

I believe that the Congress party and other opposition parties have completely failed to establish their trust with Indian voters. I also feel that they wasted time during election rallies targeting Modi rather than raising the issues related to the people and asking the ruling party questions on where and why they have failed. There was a lack of a united opposition and Congress did not attempt to make pre-poll coalitions with SP-BSP in UP, TMC in West Bengal and AAP in Delhi and other states. Ultimately, this benefitted the BJP when it came to votes. Another important factor is that the opposition failed to present a singular leader who would run against Modi, leaving the people of India with no alternative leadership option.

Surgical Strikes And Air Strikes 

After the surgical strike and air strike, a common narrative emerged throughout the country; that of nationalism as a major political force. I strongly believe that this is the main force behind NaMo’s rise to power once again. After the two strikes by the Indian forces, people have set an assumption that the country is in safe hands and NaMo is the best leader. The party had also taken this narrative to the poll campaigns and the feeling of nationalism has played an essential role in Narendra Modi’s victory.

The Gimmick Of The BJP Led Government In The Last Five Years

The BJP has never faced the kind of corruption charges that were thrown at the Congress. Even in the face of the Rafale issue, no substantial corruption charges were levied against the ruling party. People put their faith in Modi’s ‘New India’ and I believe the government managed to mitigate any perceived failures on their part by announcing attractive schemes for the common people, such as Atal Amrit Yojana, reservation for the economically weaker section of the general category, Ujjala Scheme, Jhan Dhan Yojana etc. Also, Modi managed to create a global narrative of India’s image as a strong country and himself as a strong Prime Minister. International politics made India proud several times in the recent past.

Why Has Congress Been Defeated So Badly?

The Congress party has completely failed to establish themselves as a major political opponent in the poll campaign. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership must be questioned, especially his decision to contest from Wayanad of Kerala. Maybe it’s time for the Congress to find a new face for their leadership?

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