5 Things The BJP Proved Wrong By Winning The Historic Mandate Of The People

Modiji won the 2019 Lok Sabha election. May 23, 2019 is a date when history was written. The NDA has secured 303 seats with BJP alone having more than 50% seats, it can now single-handedly form a government without any coalition. Most of India was painted saffron.

I, being a BJP supporter, was naturally happy to see the party winning. Why am I a BJP supporter? Because I have seen my country growing. I agree there have been a few misses but with the work it has done, the BJP surely deserves another chance so that it can fulfill the remaining requirements. Why am I just a supporter? Because, if I don’t find the BJP bringing any good changes, I will surely vote for some other party in the next election.

Why I say so is because I noticed certain things amongst Indians this election:

1) “Andhbhakts,” and “Chamche.”

Words like this were trending during election season. I don’t need to explain who were called what. This showed a part of people’s political views. Citizens aren’t and shouldn’t be a supporter of a single party forever. This is a must. Our votes raise somebody to a position where they will be taking decisions on behalf of the whole country. We vote for somebody who wins our confidence. We elect them. If that person is able to work for betterment, they must be elected for the next term or else we have a chance to change our leader.

Using such words show that people don’t understand this power of theirs. The elected leaders are bound to work if we, the people, use our power judiciously.

2) “Rahul Gandhi is a people’s leader.”

I have been receiving many messages since yesterday which claims Rahul Gandhi is a mass leader (despite his loss) and also read an article regarding it. I respect the writer’s views, but how can we call him a people’s leader? Where did he show his leadership skills? What has he ruled till now? Rahul Gandhi had never been a CM of a state, how can we let him run a country? The Congress under his leadership couldn’t even gain enough votes to be in the position of opposition let alone become the ruling party.

Now, in a democracy along with a strong ruling party we also need a strong opposition so that it can raise questions time and again. This will keep a check on the ruling party’s actions. It is the mark of a healthy democracy. A people’s leader doesn’t lose in a constituency that is noted for supporting a single party. This is enough to show that he has failed to be a good leader.

3) “India chooses Pragya Thakur but not Atishi.”

I find this illogical. Pragya Thakur was contesting from Bhopal and Atishi from Delhi. Both are different states with people having different mindsets and needs. How can we compare their loss and win with each other? A person from Bhopal didn’t cast their vote in Delhi and vice-versa. You compare one leader’s win/loss with their opponent from their constituency and not any other constituency.

People of a constituency chooses one who they feel can meet their requirements. This has nothing to do with people who cast their votes from a different constituency. Comparison must be made amongst leaders of same area, if it to be made at all.

4) “Kerala shows why it has the highest literacy rate, the BJP won no seats there.”

This means in the constituencies and states where the BJP won, people are illiterate? The people of Kerala felt the Congressman can fulfill their demands. How is it related to literacy? If literacy is made a point then there are many other points that must be considered as well.

5) “The Muslim community lives in constant fear under the Modi-led government.”

There are many who claim the above statement is true. However, there are also those who support the current government, and are happy to have them back. This video below, shared with me via WhatsApp, shows a procession carried out recently, in celebration of the BJP’s historic win.

One might hate all political parties. What does one do in this situation? You select the best of the bad lot. This is how politics must work. Right now, Modi is the only strong leader that the country has. His oratory skills are unmatched, he is visionary, he has a charisma that is not present in any other political figure.

Despite the misses, he is able to bring reforms and the one thing that one cannot deny is it’s only after Modi that politics has reached the people. You can hate him, you can like him but you can’t deny the fact that he made sure every adult takes interest in politics and decide for themselves who to support and who not.

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Featured image source: Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)/Facebook.
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