Shweta Mangal: A ‘Small-Town’ Woman Driving Change in Rajasthan

An integral part of the society, young people are the main driving force of change. Many people believe that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but youth from around the world have proved that they are not only the leaders of tomorrow but today as well. It becomes extremely important for the youth to understand their responsibilities towards society as ‘the future belongs to those who prepare for today’.

From history to the present day, we are told that many young people from around the world challenged the status quo and successfully made the people in charge of the system listen to their demands. Those who weren’t successful in bringing about change ignited the spark so that the upcoming generations could challenge and achieve the change they fought for.

One such young and passionate entrepreneur hailing from a small town in Rajasthan—Shweta Mangal, challenged the status quo of society and established a school in her home town. The fact that quality education was not present in her home town distressed her many times. In 2007, she founded Mangal Newton School, Beawar so that the local children could receive a quality education.

After completing her MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, she worked with many renowned brands like TATA AIG, Zee TV and Marico Industries. Based on the idea of Social Entrepreneurship, she co-founded Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL). Today, the company runs over 3,500 ambulances and is one of the leading emergency medical service providers across the country.

shweta mangal

At present, Shweta Mangal serves as the director of the MUrgency—an emergency healthcare provider that aims at connecting every citizen for medical assistance. MUrgency connects people with the nearest doctor, nurse or paramedic for emergency medical assistance and has already carved its niche in the healthcare industry. Shweta Mangal is now looking forward to establishing MUrgency as a global app.

Shweta Mangal is an inspiration to all those youngsters who have a dream to contribute significantly to society and have the zeal to swim upstream to make a change. Starting from scratch to globalising her app, Shweta Mangal’s journey continues to motivate youth across the country. 

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