A Plea On Behalf Of My Little Brothers And Sisters In Muzaffarpur

Anyone who has the heart and capacity to change the situation at Muzaffarpur

I was just sitting at home surfing through TV channels when suddenly I came across “chamki ka keher,” translating to ‘the havoc of chamki‘ (‘chamki’ is a Hindi word. ‘Chamki bukhar’ is a Bihari colloquial term used to refer to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome).

Oh my god! It jolted me to the core. What is even happening in Bihar? Where is the health care that we always flaunt so proudly as a country?

It was so sad to know those kids died just within a few hours of being diagnosed. Their parents are clueless as to what took their children away from them. Chamki by now has taken hundreds of lives of innocent souls. What is our administration even doing? Why is there no kind of medical aid assistance to such hospitals which are unable to cope up with this menace?

It aches my heart when I think of the parents of these kids. And the worst part is that I cannot sympathise with the hospital administration at all. They don’t have adequate medicines, no proper infrastructure! I was shocked to see two or more patients being treated on single bed. Are we running so short on public utilities?

You may consider this as my “chamki ki dhamki” (the threat of chamki) but this is a plea to save my little brothers and sisters.

An indirect victim of chamki bukhar.

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Featured image source: Parwaz Khan/Hindustan Times via Getty Images.
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