The Climate Crisis Is A Fact, Yet Our Political Leaders Continue To Ignore It

A teenage girl named Greta Thunberg from Sweden has reached the Swedish parliament to raise awareness and address the horrendous issue of climate change. Around 1.4 million students, from over 125 countries all over the globe have joined her in the protest.

Even though we are witnessing the drastic effect of climate change, we are choosing to turn a blind eye to it. The second largest populous country of the globe is keeping their minds shut and simply ignoring the impending future. All we primarily care about is “mandir yahi banega,” “humare chacha vidhayak hai,” and “main bhi chowkidar.”

To think, to talk and to act on the matter of climate change is the need of the hour. I am petrified to imagine my life 20 years down the line. Today, we are plagued with 50 degrees Celsius heat in the summer, what is coming for us in the future? We are witnessing a severe decline in the rainfall and the frequency of heavy rainfall is decreasing year by year.

We choose the government, we elect our leaders but on what basis? On the basis of their false promises? I haven’t seen a single political party till now talking about the environment or having climate change on their manifestos. Is the situation not critical enough to take immediate action or rather just spread a word about it?

Before the government can think about this as a climate emergency or even perceive the threat, which I am sure is not going to happen anytime soon, we should start contributing on our own. Little or more, start respecting the environment and spread awareness about the same. Indulge in conversation and deliberations and find a solution. Start from your home. A drop by drop fills the entire ocean.

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Featured image source: Arvind Yadav/Hindustan Times via Getty Images.
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