How Education Helps Individuals And Society

Education gives people the knowledge of the world around them, and changes it for the better. It develops in people different perspectives of looking at life, and helps in shaping their opinions.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This conveys the importance of education and learning in life. Once a child is admitted into school, they will start learning, playing and making friends. While learning they will slowly appreciate their journey towards acquiring knowledge. Similarly, while playing, they will understand the importance of victory; this way children start building goals at an early stage.

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However, parents should understand whether their child has tunnel vision, i.e. are they only looking at ranks and grades, or are they also focusing on acquiring new wisdom. It is important that they are aware of the purpose of education and its importance in life. For an individual, education increases the level of confidence, as it makes a person aware about their surroundings. It also helps an individual communicate better and express their opinions freely. The mind matures with proper education and training.

Through education a person develops the capacity to judge what is right and what is not. It makes a person independent and helps them abide by the rules of the land. It also helps in improving a person’s standard of living. It helps people understand their needs and empowers them, so that they are able to acquire the necessities or whatever they feel will make them happy.

Education provides a platform to achieve a decent livelihood. One can take up a job in any industry or any profession or service if they are educated. Advances in medicine, war equipment, technology have been possible over the centuries due to constant exploration and research. Educated individuals have been able to take this forward. People with higher education in science, mathematics, and technology have been able to take off from where their predecessors left.

Various industries such as food production, medicine, electronic gadgets, automobiles and many other luxury items were developed due to the spread of science and technology, with the help of quality education. The moral of the story? There is nothing more crucial to the development of any society than well-imparted, and may I add, well-received education.

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