Opinion: Politicising Dhoni’s Badge Incident Is Wrong

The best thing about my country is that it’s never at dearth of news which would create chaos for no good reason.

The latest to join this segment is the controversy that arose on Dhoni’s gloves, at the on going ICC World Cup in England. Apparently, he wore gloves that have the logo of insignia that glorifies sacrifice by soldiers.

When ICC got to know about this, they issued a notice that no player is allowed to use a message or logo associated with religion, politics or any particular group for that matter. Even after BCCI requested on Dhoni’s behalf, ICC made no changes—as the insignia violated the set rules.

Dhoni like a true sportsman immediately accepted this and decided not to disregard ICC. All is settled!

But India’s social media has no relief still. There are two main categories in this regard. One that is outrigtly criticizing ICC for its move—by dragging in issues as irrelevant as—why Pakistan was allowed to offer prayer, but India is stopped from displaying patriotism. Well, to be honest, there are so many better ways in which a person or let’s just say a sportsman can show respect towards their country, and if the rules say this is not a suitable way, then yes, it needs to be followed—as Dhoni actually did!

Now the other category is the one which has gone way too far by resorting to name-calling. They left no chance of misusing this incident by making it a political affair—wherein Dhoni is being called a hyper-national who misuses the concept of patriotism. Really? No one can claim to have come across any statement ever made by Dhoni to be in  favor of jingoism going on in the country. Not even once has he talked about his political inclination, then why can’t we take it easy? Just like any common Indian he did what seemed fine to him, I don’t think he did this to challenge ICC rules in any way.

He accepted what happened calmly and behaved like a responsible Indian and a true sportsman.

Why do we often politicise trivial issues when there is no such connection anywhere? Why do we need to point out at Pakistan again and again for no reason? A useless attempt of crushing and sensationalising everything wouldn’t help anyway, but it can surely damage India’s reputation in the world.

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