5 Tips To Survive College, Gangnam Style

Getting into college is a visa on arrival for the thousands of us who just want to start living our lives on our own terms. This usually translates into going to sleep at 6 am in the morning, bingeing on all the latest Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, and watching YouTube lectures at 4 am in the morning for a 9 o’clock exam. We have all been there and done that, and for those little new kids on the block, this is how it’s done.

Getting To Know Your Prospective Partners

Friendships apart, everyone in college wants to have an active dating life and, hence, they devote their entire first semester to this ‘pious’ endeavour. There are those who get successful and there are those ‘jinse naa ho payega’ (It won’t be possible). For the trailblazers, there is a separate trajectory of college life but for the not-so-lucky ones (including myself), college is a bittersweet ride.

Aftermath Of Failure

After realizing that dating is for the supreme life forces, our lives start to revolve around our friends who as a matter of fact keep changing, because we all get lost in the plethora of activities and happenings in our lives. Nevertheless, the loyal ones skim down, generally, to one or two and they make your college life unforgettable.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

The EDM banger that goes by the name ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat’ is exactly what you do in your whole second year. You eat the eternal dish ‘Maggi’; you sleep; you binge watch or you perform your idiosyncrasies, and you repeat. You repeat it until your fifth semester, the start of your doom.


The start of your third year is when you actually see the real face of your college. This is triggered by the realization of your dipping grades. You start to go to college with a new resolution to make your life more systematic, orderly and organised.

But being the kind of students we are (or at least I was), you can’t pretend and keep up this facade beyond a week or two. This is followed by yet another dose of pressure from the external forces. You start panicking and building your resume. You apply for internships and get rejected. You repeat… not your sleep or your rave… , but this time, your backlogs.


It is the final semester, you have your backlogs cleared, decent internship experience and your grades are finally up. This semester, however, is filled with an aura of departing. A sense of togetherness binds everyone and compels everyone to attend college. You see familiar faces and you wish you had spent more time with these people as you get to know them more than you ever could in the entire time frame of your degree. This is the semester where you realize that you have been deceived by the shams of living an independent but unorganised life up until now.


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