The Brave Martyr

He was barely twenty-four

his scream resembled a lion’s roar.

He had only one goal

which burned like coal.

Engaged he was to his beloved

and that’s when the call came.

He marched away calling it a game

while everyone was in tears.

Languages, religion, caste and creed,

none of these mattered to him.

Hatred, anger, lust and greed,

he never held those in him.

The day arrived bringing in fear.

He isn’t here,

wept his bride

and his parents at her side.

On a fateful day,

keeping rest at bay,

he fought more than what you’d say

if you saw him pay

back every pain the enemy gave

his countrymen. He can save

but can’t be saved.

A loud blast and there lay

the great son of the country.

He came back wrapped in the tricolour

and the entire nation mourned his death.

There were naysayers talking in favour

of the enemy country but were silenced.

The soldier’s contribution can never be forgotten

or neglected.

Oh brave son of the soil! Thou art a martyr

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