‘Refugees Go Back’: The Question Is Where Will We Go?

Born in India,

With pristine thoughts of

Being an Indian citizen.

Without prejudices, stereotypes,

And discrimination in sight.

As I grew up like others,

I kept hearing the Refugee tagline.

But was aware of the legal migrants’ outline.

My ancestors moved down

To India with pristine hopes

Of a permanent settlement.

Because, the Government of India,

Brought ‘them’ legally’

To NEFA* as per the  quintessence of a rehabilitation,

And border security post-Indo-Sino War.

The outcry began as ‘Refugees Go Back‘;

Since the 1980s, houses have been burnt,

The schools have been shunned, Hospitals have been shut and,

Then the dreaded economic blockade.

People died of Malaria and what not.

It hurts; it pains as I recollect.

The question is: ‘where will we go’?

Our ancestors came from,

Then East Pakistan not from,

The present-day Bangladesh,

Sealed by the Indira-Majib Accord.

Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India

Hatched many judgements for our protection,

And settlements as Indian citizens.

We have nowhere to go now, it’s too late.

It’s not pragmatic, but we wish to live

With peace and harmony, along with

Equal rights, and dignity.

The way we were pre-independence

Patriotic rightful citizens of the country


*North-East Frontier Agency

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