Women Entrepreneurship: An Empowering Decision

Women entrepreneurship is not a new term in India anymore. There has been a tremendous growth in the rise of female entrepreneurs, and they are now venturing out on several new fronts. But still, in our country, it is believed that business and development are the forte of men. This mindset has left women with no choice but to push harder at the invisible glass ceiling to succeed in life. More and more women today are moving out of their comfort zone and trying something creative—be it  businesses such as event management or something else. They are proving themselves as the utmost creative people in the business by stepping out of their homes and workplaces, and starting their own business ventures with the help of digital media.

In India, only 38% of women handle senior management positions in the corporate sector. But many of them have left their jobs to start something of their own. According to the global entrepreneurship monitor survey 2016, about 126 million women across the globe have started business of their own.

Studies have also shown that women entrepreneurs tend to be more successful than male entrepreneurs. After looking at these figures and seeing the woman achievers today, it seems evident that to be successful, one requires self motivation and determination.

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