Is It Time To Revisit The Constitution Of India?

The State will, in its full capacity, provide the Right to Freedom to all its citizens, as under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution.

Since it’s inception, the Constitution has just remained an idol-like book which needs to be worshipped by each and every person of the country. The question arises: Does it apply to our lives or not?

If it truly does, then why do Dalits people still face oppression? Why do criminals wave their hands in a smug manner at political rallies? And, most importantly, why do Indian women, who still need to have their rights recognised, fear raising their voices? Why do they still feel unsafe and unprotected in this country we call the “Motherland”?

The horrific rape of a 3-year-old girl in Aligarh highlights the need to have a review of what the Right to Freedom actually means. Rape is a heinous act. It rends the individual soul, as well as raises questions about whether a woman is safe in her own country.

Safety issues in our country are a major concern especially for the women. A place which worships women on the one hand proves to be a hell for her on the other hand.

The privileges you have for being are actually rights that people of all genders should have. Freedom is not only for the few, it is for all.

The Constitution needs to be revitalised and refilled by bringing its soul back into our hearts, bringing back its essence to the people of India. We need its values to build the atmosphere for the safety and well-being of all with laws as its backing force, protecting the souls.

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