The British Legacy Of Divide And Rule Continues To Govern Us Till Date, And How!

I belong to a country, richest in culture. I belong to a land where there are more Gods than people. I belong to a nation where the universe creator, the almighty, is sheltered by men. Oh! I belong to a kingdom where butchery is done on the basis of a surname. It was not long ago that we were vassals and thralls of Britishers with only one cry: Independence. It wasn’t long ago when politicians thought about prosperity and not supremacy or leverage.

It was not long ago when a mosque and a temple were proximate to each other. But then a very infamous, ill-famed, uncredited person, produced a set of tactics to win any war, i.e divide and rule. Slithering from the backdoor enters- The Nasty Partition, the era of blood, the fight for religion, the tussle between Hindus and Muslims. Oh! To all the sadist and fiendish people who weren’t born at that time, don’t feel crestfallen, my dear. That partition left bloody scars on our heart, it is still there but don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money to buy a ticket for Pakistan to see that, it is here, it is here, in India itself.

What Britishers did with the two nations, that is done here by our political parties. In a country like India, where the Constitution accepts, accommodates and reveres every religion, why the hell do its own citizens not? To all my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc, I want to ask an undemanding and elementary question: What is a religion?

For anybody who likes precariousness, I have a task for you, just go to a public place, a community hall or a park and ask the above-stated question. Oh! The answers would stun you, I can bet. Because I am of the opinion that our very celebrated, publicised, mighty protectors of religions, the trustees sent by Lord Vishnu and Allah, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, and All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen have no idea what religion really is. See, religion is not just worshipping and it is incontrovertibly and unequivocally not coercion and killing. A religion commands love, patience, peace, it endeavors to connect people with the Omnipotent. A religion illuminates us to sacrifice, to be kind, to be there for everyone and to be selfless.

See, I am not sure if there is a God or not, but if he is real and scrutinising us, he would shed tears of blood. The Supreme doesn’t want us to protect him and kill others on his name. To all my Hindu brothers and sisters, our God doesn’t want you to construct a temple on a heap of corpses. He doesn’t want you to rape a woman of other religions just to show your dominance. To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, our Allah never wanted a war, he never fancied for you to become a murderer or rapist. There is no Jihad in the heart of Allah. There are no children who are unloved by Him.

There is no religion in this goddamned world which seeks, hatred.
No religion is the ultimate, unless all are.

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