I Want To Be A Storyteller Someday!

Today, I thought about how it would feel to be independent. I am faking it all and it feels like this is breaking my bones. It feels like I am the character Ved from Tamasha and Sid from Wake up Sid. I feel confused and I really need peace. I know writing gives me the freedom to fly while I lay on the floor. I have a lot of thoughts and they phenomenally get ‘diversified’. You see it is scary but it is true. I have plans that are set to tell people but I know deep inside that I have nothing of that sort, I am planless. I want to be a storyteller and a story listener. I dream what I imagine and it goes from dark green forest to the yellow moonlight where colors are welcome and tears are left to paint because a scarcity of water plays its very own game.

I am still waiting for the twist in the tale, where humanity wins the game and we lose nothing but gain. I often lay quiet and about the topic so far delayed. “The realm of uniqueness” pushed down only to climb the stairs. The normal routine makes us a prey to the regret we all share at midnight on the bed, yet, alone we stare and think what would have happened if the road less traveled had been chosen. Suddenly, the morning rays split our dreams and we get back to the same old routine.

They say actions speak louder than words, but really do you follow that? I think words are mightier and speak the language of our heart until the mind comes in to restore the old nonsense talk and makes us the old Ved, whose actions dominates his heart. Well, Do I need Corsica to peel off the layers or the fake mask will it eventually drop-off?

I am enjoying the pain and shaping my art, the ‘RockstarJanardhan in me inspires me to let everything flow out from my heart. I am no one to ask what do you dream, for dreams are your own art, flying high in the weather. I give you hope to feel the thrill of the joy born out of the unknown risk in the midst of this ailing heart.

Did you see how diverse my thoughts are? I am in silent chaos and with the hope to make my words reach your heart. The unquenchable enthusiasm restores my faith.

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