India Needs To Implement Dubai’s Parking Rule To Fine Owners Of Dirty Vehicles

The British made roads to run their tanks and trams, but our bad, bumpy and dirty roads annoy the drivers very much. They take enough time in balancing the steering or controlling the clutch. For city planners, parking became a way to maintain the width of the roads. That was why there were structured parking places, but these also could not solve the rush and ensure accident-free driving. Parking at the circulating area of the railway stations gives a dirty look. I do not think other open spaces are helpful in preserving the aesthetics of cities. The parking charges are being hiked continuously, but the areas do not remain neat and clean.

Contrary to our arrangements, most of the modern countries like the UAE have been giving more attention to cleanliness. Dubai has come with a scheme of fining dirty cars if these are parked in public parking spaces. The municipality has decided to charge a fine of Dh 500 (over Rs. 9000) if a vehicle owner is caught parking an unclean car.

The real reason behind this rule I feel is to conserve the beauty of the place for the tourists. Everybody knows that the UAE is a tourist’s paradise. Therefore, there remains the utmost stress on the conservation of aesthetics by its civic body. I would say it must be a good source of earning revenue too.

According to reports, a notice is issued by municipality inspectors to the vehicle owner in Dubai for cleaning the parked dirty cars within a 15-day duration. Untidy cars lying in dirty areas would be towed. Finally, the vehicle is auctioned by the municipality if the owner fails to contact.

Would such a sort of guideline be brought in our country? We seldom follow traffic rules, then how can this be made possible? I strongly feel that so long as humans and the animals will tread on the same beaten path, nothing will change in our vast, beloved country.

Feature Image Credit: Dubaimunicipality

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