If You’re Struggling With A Mental Health Issue, This Is My Advice To You

I yield my pen today to an issue that often remains untouched in our lives.

Have you ever witnessed your thoughts turning into a prolonged state of grief, or your happiness transforming into a feeling of incompleteness and futility? These are all the symptoms of what we term as ‘depression’. It is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is, according to me, one of the problems that people truly neglect.

The constant workload of life and stiff competition from peers are the major reasons why the youth is struggling with mental health issues today. The attitude of letting them remain unsolved worsens the problem, and that is the reason people start finding themselves worthless and to an extent, helpless as well. All that they need is a bit of sympathy, support and care, but the truth is that most of the people around them fail to understand these issues and leave them to cure own on their own. The time does its job by increasing the depth of the depression, and at one point in time, many of them feel hopeless. That’s how the reality of increasing rates of suicides in youth comes into being.

You Are Not Alone

Well, all that needs to be done from our side is to care: not just for ourselves, but for others as well; and not just for others, for ourselves as well. We need to realise that mental health needs to be given more importance. Keeping problems to oneself will deepen them eventually. We have to understand that the pain we are suffering with is temporary, and the only thing that is supposed to be constant is our strength.

We need to learn that confining ourselves to a fixed barrier of grief will gradually engulf us and can hamper the way we might have been enjoying our lives.

We need to learn that the power of curbing depression is derived from the small moments of happiness that life owes to us.

We need to learn that we are not just the ones who might be suffering from mental health issues; there are billions of people like us, and we, as humans, should respect and understand their plight.

We need to learn that mental health cannot be ignored for long; it is as significant as our physical health and needs to be given equal importance.

All that I can offer you at the end is a piece of motivation:

“Frighten the fear that seeks to suppress you,

And you will shine brighter than the stars.

Breathe; the world is there to hear your heartbeats.

Move; the journey waits for you to leave your footprints.

Attain; for the destination is all yours.”

Depression, at times, is difficult to heal, but not impossible. Nurture yourselves in light of life, and you will soon realize that you can build and change yourself and others.

Be the change. Bring the change.

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