Story Of A Girl

There is a story behind the title of this article.

I have realised that being born a girl is the biggest sin one can commit in this society.

Let us read a story, the story of every girl:

A girl meets a boy through a dating app. They text, the boy is full of promises, the girl places her faith in him and yields to a physical relationship. She resists at first, but he convinces her that he is the one.

Afterwards, of course, the boy says his parents would not agree to their marriage. The girl, after losing her virginity and her soul (because she truly loved him), is reduced to begging. She later realises she has been used, but he makes her believe in him again, he weeps and goes all gooey, until sometime later he tells her that he cannot marry her after all. The girl who got played is now tired and broken, traumatised mentally and emotionally to the extent she might require therapy.

She tries to file a case against the boy, not to punish him, but simply to find out if it was ever his intention to marry or whether he meant to cheat on her and use her all along.

In the process of filing the case, it was the girl who stood as a sinner in front of the world, explaining and getting bullied over and over again by the police and by people in general, getting preached about the mistakes she has made.

Upon contacting the boy’s cousins and friends, once again the girl ended up taking the blame. She lost her family’s trust, her friends, and at the end of it all, she has to forget and move one?

Yes, if you are born a girl then no matter what you do or how blameless you are, you end up either losing or even dying and are expected to forgive and move on, bearing the burden of trauma all along, while the boy gets to live the happily ever after.

As long as this hypocrisy continues, a girl is considered garbage, while the man rules the roost!


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