Kejriwal Waives Electricity Bills Up to 200 Units: Political Gimmick Or Real Change?

When the elections come near, the political leaders realise how the years have passed by and a new term of the assembly is approaching near. It is only then that the ruling party or the opposition parties begin to separate out the important plans from the tested plans. In this state of not being able to think clearly or not reaching a certain conclusion, the ruling party more often takes the recourse of announcing some sops to the common people. I believe it is devised in such a way to control people’s opinions.

The one basic thing the politicians tend to realise at moments like this is that they wasted a lot of opportunities when they were voted to power in a big remarkable strength and they cared about wrong things. They stand before the people to express regrets and extend a fresh dose of promises to them. This is a paradox, of course, because they all know this realisation can bring them back to the seat of power once again.

In my opinion, this might explain why the AAP leader, and Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, has presented before the people of Delhi, the electricity bill waiver up to 200 units. But he keeps the poor people at bay; if their power consumption exceeds beyond the limit of 200 units they have to cough up more, to say it clearly, the consumer will have to pay for the entire consumed units.

Upon this free grant in the electricity bill, the auto drivers in Delhi appeared satisfied for they think this concession is enough to charge their autos without having to pay for it. They will save something to spend more on daily needs. But the marvellous benefit is for a limited period of six months at its initial stage. After February 2020, this may go. Despite this limitation, the people of Delhi like and appreciate the AAP government for it has covered basic needs and relieved people’s miseries.

When Arvind Kejriwal was asked to comment on the power bill waiver formula, he said the entire power sector was in a bad state when he came to power. Since then, the Delhi Electrical Board Regulatory Commission has been reducing tariffs. It was a journey and not possible earlier as companies did not have money to even buy electricity and they had started at blackouts.

What he has announced is not possible in Uttar Pradesh at present. Then criticising him for the move to save his government in the next elections holds no ground for the other dominant party. He has shown his guts to waive off the charges up to 200 units. Which other CM would follow him?

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