Azadi Is All About Freedom Of Choice

“We’re still fighting our parents for choices such as our professions.”

Does this sound familiar to you? In India, Freedom of Choice is a constitutional right guaranteed to every citizen. Right from the ability to speak freely to wearing the clothes of one’s choice, Young India takes its Freedom of Choice seriously and personally.

But what does it actually mean to have true Azadi in our everyday lives? What are the different facets of this constitutional right? How do we go about standing up for our rights and when do we draw the line to ensure our freedom of choice doesn’t impinge upon those of our fellow citizens?

These our some of the key questions this film seeks to answer. It draws from experiences of young people and key events and case studies that have taken place in the past to bring out different aspects of the basic Freedom of Choice. Watch it here:

What does Azadi mean to you in your daily life? Join the conversation with Youth Ki Awaaz and We, the People and publish your thoughts today!

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